Favorite Photo Contest Finalists!

It’s fun to host a contest until it’s time to choose finalists!  Thank you so much to everyone that entered, it was so fun to see everyone’s personal photos and hear the stories behind them.  I did narrow it down to the top five photos.  Now it’s up to you to vote to see who wins!  The winner will receive a  free session with me along with a $50 print credit! Two runners up will receive free mini sessions.  So email Grandma and Aunt Suzie and tell them to vote for you!  Here are the top five entries and the stories behind each photo.  I will be taking votes until Thursday of this week!

“This was just too-sweet they had played so hard in the water and Pierce just did not want to get out so they just laid down and rested in the water together.”

Photo taken and submitted by Danielle Nowell



“The person under the knife was me! That picture was taken during Esther’s birth.”

Photo submitted by Sharlie Chapman



“We were at the park, and I just happened to catch them being sweet.”

Photo taken and submitted by Selena Lewis



“It is my favorite because it reminds me of people in remote villages living everyday with things we don’t have.  Plus this lady is beautiful!”

Photo taken and submitted by Maria Purviance



“My daughter took this one with her cheap cell phone!  Betsy had gone to her closet and hit the door then pointed to her tutu!  One-year-old!  Pretty funny!”

Photo submitted by Kaye Haun




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4 responses to “Favorite Photo Contest Finalists!

  1. coloringlife2009

    Voted 🙂

  2. Celia

    I LOVE #4 – she is beautiful, I love black and white pics, and I love all the wrinkles and life and time written on her face…..

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