I need to come up with a better name for these posts, seriously.  “New” is so unoriginal!  I welcome suggestions!  If you have a good name for these posts, let me know =)

Tan: I know I know, you keep hearing me talk about Jess and how much I love her and yadda yadda.  But she got married this past weekend and it was such a sweet, beautiful wedding and I was really exciting!  I was really excited because Evan pointed to me and some other girls and said that he was pretty sure we had gone tanning.   Since my brother is the one who inherited our mom’s Italian tanness, I am always pasty white.   So it was majorly exciting that someone thought I had gone tanning!!!  Score!!!  I had actually been laying out and using some self tanning lotion.  It takes me foreeeever to build a good tan, but I’ve got a backyard this year and I’m committed!  Bonus: When we were getting our nails done, my manicurist was surprised to find out that I had a son.  She said, “Your stomach so small for have baby!”  I thanked her.  About two weeks ago, my tailor looked me up and down and asked if I was pregnant again yet.  I love Asian women, they’ll keep ya on your toes!

Here is Jess with all her bridesmaids at the nail salon.


Here’s me with my brother Ben at the wedding.  See how tan he is?  He wasn’t trying….We were both in the wedding party.


Lens: Canon 70-200 2.8 IS. I am SOOOO excited about this!  I’m practically drooling as I type.  I have been saving and saving for this lens and I can’t WAIT till it comes.  I check the online tracker about every hour…  This lens is an essential to any wedding photographer and I am so excited to finally have one!  I rented this lens back in September for Candace’s wedding and have been fiercely lusting for it since.  It takes such yummy photos!


Game: Scramble.  If you don’t have this iPhone app yet, you need to get it!  It’s so much fun and completely addicting.  My high score right now is 91, and Jake’s is something stupid like 112.  Grrrr!!!  We get in bed and play this game almost every night, it brings out major competitiveness in us!  LOVE it!

Picture 6

Contest: Favorite Photo Contest.  I’m so excited about this contest!  It’s the first time I’ve done a contest on my blog and I really want to make it a regular occurance.  Stay tuned for more contests to come!  Right now, Danielle has a strong lead with her precious photo of daddy and baby chillin in the pool.  Don’t forget to cast your vote, tomorrow I’ll announce the winner!

Picture 5


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