Garage Sale Finds

We saw the announcement on the flashing sign outside of the church along Hebron Parkway several weeks ago.  Church-Wide Garage Sale.  Jackpot!  See, we’re not hardcore dedicated garage salers.  You really have to be dedicated to get up early, go to a zillion people’s houses, look over their faded, stained, old baby gear to really find the treasures.  We don’t have time for that.  It’s annoying to get a baby in and out of a car seat a zillion times just so look at no good items in someone’s garage.  This is why we stick to church garage sales.  You see church garage sales have lots and lots of garage sale ‘vendors’ if you will, so if one person’s stuff sucks, you can move on the next stall.  Sorta like a flea market I guess.  Anyway, we had this garage sale on the calendar and as we were hanging around Saturday morning, my iPhone beeped reminding me of it.  We loaded in the car and strolled around the massive sale.

Now, don’t get tooooo excited, we only bought two things and they were both for Shep.  But for $1.50, we had one happy little boy!  First was a little plastic outside chair.  He loves it.  He sat in it at the garage sale and then picked it up and carried it with him.  It was his.  He cried when it went in the trunk on the way home.  Here he is rocking his own little chair and makeshift table in the backyard eating his sandwich and drinking his juice.


The other item we aquired at the sale was a little kiddie pool.  I can already tell we’re going to spend lots of time in this pool over the summer.  Shep LOVES water, he had so much fun splashing me as I squished into the pool with my head resting on a chair soaking up the sun pretending I was floating in a real pool.  My legs are actually short enough for me to sit in the pool with my legs straight out in front of me…



I really want to be cool and find something amazing at a garage sale and refinish it and make it fabulous, but I haven’t so far.  Maybe that could be a new goal of mine for the summer.  I got really inspired looking at the before and afters at DesignSponge!


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