Before and After Fun in the Sun =)

Here is a little peek at what some girls and I did today!  More about that tomorrow, but I was so excited about how this photo turned out I just had to talk about it!  We were trying a lighting technique that we learned this morning.  The idea is to use your camera settings and flash to overpower the sun on a bright day.  Here is the before –

Camera settings are 100 ISO, shutter speed 200, at f/16, with the flash remotely fired at her face at +3.  The sun is behind her and slightly to the left.


This kind of photo is not really my normal style but I think it’s so cool looking.  I went nuts with the Photoshop.  To me this photo already has pop and pizzaz, so why not just add some more? =)


I used Totally Rad Actions and Kubota Actions on this photo.  Here’s the recipe –

– A color adjustment layer where I brought out the blue sky and masked out Rach, the subject.

– Pro Retouch on her face

– Technicolor Dreamworld No Glow at 23%

-Daily Multivitamin without the pop-n-punch layer


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  1. coloringlife2009

    Having been there in that moment, I can truly share in the excitement of this shot! Thanks AGAIN for hosting yesterday!!

    (Favorite memory: Shep farted. Sniffed his fingers. Me: “Shep, where’d you learn to do that?” Shep, as if he understood: “Mommy!” hahahahaha!)

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