Photography Party!

I had so much fun yesterday!  I hosted a little party for three of my photographer friends.  Back in February, I won the See the Light DVD from Carlos Baez at WPPI.  Normally I would hyperlink all of those last few words there, but you can google them for yourself I’m feeling lazy…  Anyway!  I had already watched the DVD twice and learned a lot from it so I thought it would be fun to share with my friends.  So Nicole, Rach, and Kate came by to watch, (Heather wasn’t feeling good =(,  we missed you!) and eat lunch.  There is no way you can really obsorb that whole DVD in one sitting, but it’s a great way to get inspired!  We had a great time chatting about photography, why we loved it, how we got into it, and staying passionate about it, who we blog stalk, etc etc.  It’s so fun to get to be nerdy and photographycentric (yeah, that’s a word now) with other people!  After lunch Nicole, Rach, Shep and I headed over to the nature preserve to practice some of the things we learned and just have fun taking pictures.  You saw that super fun photo of Rach from yesterday, but here are a few more.  You can also see Nicole’s fun shots at her blog!

We sat there and did the flash in the sun routine for a while.  Unfortunately of all the shots we tried, only one other besides one I shared yesterday came out, and it’s not as good of a shot of Rach so I’m going to show you =).  I don’t recommend Canon’s STE-2 transmitter!!!!  It only works for me about half the time!!!!  Has anyone else had that problem?  I need to get a Pocket Wizard.  Again, usually I would link those two products, but I’m just not feeling it today…


It was such a bright, colorful day!  The sky was the perfect blue with little Simpsons clouds all over.


Here’s another fun before and after, not quite as dramatic as yesterday –



Unfortunately, I totally flattened this image and forgot to note what the final combination of actions were…  Man I’m just not on my game today!


Nicole got out her macro lens to shoot a little snail that was coming out of it’s shell, but once she got out the lens and knelt down to get the shot, she realized what no one else had noticed – the snail was slugging around next to a piece of poo!  She decided to pass on that shot…



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2 responses to “Photography Party!

  1. coloringlife2009

    Yes, it was an awesome day! And this was an awesome post!

    Haha, you got me photographing my poo snail. That’s great!!

    Really like what you did to the pick of Rach. You’re an action pro, friend!

    Let’s do this again in June. 🙂

  2. So bummed I didn’t make it! I’m still fighting a sore throat/yucky cold. 😦 And I’ve bought pocket wizards but haven’t used them. I need to just start playing! Hopefully, we can do this again some time!

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