Mackenzie Bridal Portraits

Saturday afternoon, I met Mackenzie, her mom and her friend down at the canals of Las Colinas.  It is so beautiful down there, and so quiet!  The only other people we saw were other people doing portrait sessions!  Mackenzie was a trooper to wear her gorgeous gown in the heat of the late afternoon!  Mackenzie, I don’t know how you did it, I was soaked through and through, there are sweat stains on the strap of my bag (attractive I know).  Fun fact:  Danielle who won my recent contest, is one of Mackenzie’s BFF’s!  And now without further ado, here are Mackenzie’s bridal portraits –







You know I love some drama!








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4 responses to “Mackenzie Bridal Portraits

  1. Great job girl! I just love that venue!

  2. Danielle

    I love them – you did a great job Beth! You just capture such a wonderful element in every picture you take! Mackenzie you are beautiful and again these are going to be so great to have in your home! I can’t wait to meet you Beth!

  3. coloringlife2009

    That’s one of my favorite places to photograph!! Perfect lighting, huh? Always diffused.

    Again, so nice of you to do this photo shoot for your contest winner!

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