Movies: This week we are trying to introduce new movies into Shep’s repertoire because literally we watch Wall-e every single day.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Wall-e, but I wouldn’t mind a little Jungle Book thrown in every once in a while ya know?  So this morning we put on Peter Pan and he liked it.  Watched it kindly secretly thinking in his little baby heart, “Don’t worry, Wall-e, you’ll always have the #1 spot in my heart.”  This afternoon, he tripped and had a rough fall and while he was crying he goes, “Waaaaaa-weeeee!”  So what did his daddy do?  Put on Wall-e of course.  So instead of one full length animated movie today, it’s going to be a double header.

Lens: I finally got my new 70-200 2.8 IS lens in the mail last Tuesday!  I was seriously watching my UPS tracking like a hawk.  I even signed up for more thorough tracking.  On Tuesday their automated caller called me to say that my package was coming sometime that day.  I sat at home and canceled all my plans for the day and waited.  And waited.  Waited some more.  The automated cally-thingy said that it would be there by 7!!!  Seven came and went.  People came over for small group.  I was jumping at every sound coming from outside that might possibly just maybe be the UPS truck.  Finally, around 8:00 the door bell rang.  I ran to the door squeeling like a kid at Christmas.  I smiled my biggest smile and told the UPS guy how happy I was to see him.  He wasn’t quite as happy to see me, but whatever, his loss.  Here is a picture I took at Lydia’s graduation the other night using both the zoominess and the image stabilization of my new baby.  Straight out of the camera –


Software: Aperature.  I am in luuuuuuv!  I downloaded the 30 day trial after listening to Sara France talk about Aperature on the Camera Dojo podcast.  After listening to her talk about how Appley thorough and integrated it was, I was pretty sold.  Then once I got into my trial I was really sold.  I bought the license asap when my trial ran out!!  Apple also has some excellent tutorial videos on their website as well.  As I’m learning more and more of the things it does and the ways it integrates with the rest of my Apple software I’m falling even deeper in love.  It’s like when Jake and I are going on in our happy little life and then he does something even more amazing than usual for me (besides cook dinner every night and work three jobs) like the time he my Gipsy Kings tickets and I’m like, “Man I’m in love with you!”  It’s kinda like that.  Aperature is saving me sooooooo much time.  Mackenzie’s bridals were on Saturday and I already had them completely edited by yesterday afternoon!  Usually that would’ve taken me about a week and a half.  Yay for a more efficient workflow!!!!!

Picture 4

Cup: Starbucks Cold Cup.  I cannot tell you how much I wanted one of these when my mom first showed up with one months ago.  It was genius!!!!  I would always carry the disposable ones they give you with your cold drinks around in my car forever and eventually of course they’d wear out or someone would throw it away.  For some reason when these hard plastic cups first came out, Starbucks waaaaaay underestimated how popular they’d be and they sold out in about .5 seconds.  Then they were all cloak and dagger about when they were going to distribute more of them.  Playing with my heart!!  I was soooo jealous of my mom’s!  She would hop in my car with her reusable cup full of iced tea (that doesn’t sweat because it’s a double cup!) with it’s nice screw on lid and straw and I’d look down at my semi reusable styrophoam cup with no lid and no straw and sigh.  Well they finally are making a bit of a comeback and I found a store that had one last grande sized cup, so I snatched it up!  Looooove!  It’s so great!  I can fill it up with ice water or iced tea and set it on my desk with no fear of a ring!  I can bring it in my car and not worry about it spilling.  I can bring it back inside without worrying if someone will throw it away.  Wonderful!


Yardwork: Right now we’re trying really hard not to be those neighbors with the icky yard.  Trying.  We’ve never been fully responsible for landscaping before!  Who knew it was so much work?  I really wanted to go completely chemical free in our yard, but I think I’m going to break down and get some Roundup for our beds because they are ALL weeds!


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  1. coloringlife2009

    Yay for all these things that make life fun and easy!

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