Chapman Family

I’m so excited to share these photos, I so enjoyed spending time with the Chapmans!  This family is seriously so photogenic, I had a really hard time narrowing down the pictures I wanted to blog!  Barnabas is my dear friend Hannah’s brother, and I have gotten to know Jusin from showers and parties where we’ve chatted about being young mommies and how much we love it (along with the best ways to get rid of stretch marks ;-).  Henry is 15 months old and soooo sweet and cute, he was such a little trooper during our shoot!  He is about 7 months younger than Shep, and basically as big!  He’s gonna be tall like his daddy.


Untitled Book



This one is my fa-faaaavorite!  It was totally spontaneous that they both closed their eyes, I never told them to that I remember!



Chapmans Book


Check out Justin’s fierce model face.  Isn’t she gorgeous!?




I brought Shep with my for this shoot and he and Henry had a good time together.  Henry kept playing with Shep’s shoes, and Shep would say, “No!”  It was really funny.




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4 responses to “Chapman Family

  1. Justin Chapman

    These are GREAT Beth! I love them. Henry looks like he has a halo over his head. : ) Well I can’t wait to see all the other ones. Talk to you later.

  2. Great job! I love the lighting! 🙂

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