My Granny is Cooler than Yours!

Yesterday was my Granny, the world famous Betty Worley’s 80th birthday.  The reason Granny is world famous is because ever since my Grandpa died last year, she has been sending us emails every single night before she goes to bed.  In these emails she has been recounting to us the many wild, crazy, fascinating and just plain unbelievable things that she and Grandpa did back in the day, along with the wild and crazy things she’s doing now.  When she shares these her stories, she just states the facts of them, as if it’s no big deal that at 79 years old, she decided to buy a new 46″ LCD TV or set up her own wireless router so she could surf the net on her MacBook Pro from the couch.  People always want to hear about Granny and what she’s been up to!  So here are some of my favorite stories from her emails –

“After our early morning workout we went to Sam’s and bought me a new LCD Samsung 46” TV. Sorry kids I am spending your inheritance.   Truett was on the verge of getting a new TV and Cyndi was an influence.  I bought a car while Cathy was here,  TV while Cyndi is here, John what will you see that I need?”

“The barn was built in 1995 just prior to the present house.  We hired the floor poured. We bought the barn from a company in Canada.  When it arrived I could not believe it was the barn.   It was just a few stacks of curved metal.  Josh was looking over the plans for the barn and it said that it took 5 men to build it.  He asked Truett who was he going to get to help him build the barn.  He said ‘Granny!’  Truett and I built the entire barn with out any help.”

“I got a new closet rod for the new closet this afternoon.  I could only get a 10’ rod and I needed an 8’. I thought they would cut if off for me at Home Depot, but they said no. Unfortunately  I sold my metal cutting saw so I got the hack saw off the wall and spent a good while sawing it off! It was almost better than exercise.”

“The kids  at the HS thought Truett looked like Glenn Ford and talked like Huckleberry Hound.  He was a rather popular teacher.  We were quite young when he started teaching.  Occasionally I would go over and keep him company after school in the dark room while he printed pictures (we lived across the street).  One evening we heard a knock on the door and Truett answered it.  There was the school secretary.  She started laughing and said the Janitor had reported to her that Mr. Worley was in the dark room with a high school girl.
It always gave us a good chuckle to reminisce.  I had 4 children at the time.”

“In 1965 we decided to  put a second floor on our house at 601 West Church.  That was quite a challenge as we had to tear the roof off in order to start.  However, we completed it all in good order adding three bedroom and two baths which was more square footage than our first house.  I sawed a slot in my leg one morning right before lunch.  I was using a circle saw with out a guard and I took my finger off the trigger and my brain said I had stopped it and I brought it back against my upper leg just above the knee and cut a three inch gash.  It did not hit a bone.  The doctor sewed it up and I went back to work that afternoon.”

“We bought our house at 601 West Church for $20,000 we sold it 20 years later for $58,000.  We paid off the loan which was a 25 year loan.  Which left us $56,000.  We had already paid for the Lot on Thunderbird which cost $4,000.  We took the $56,000 and built the house at 5102 Thunderbird.  We have had our homes free and clear since 1980.  We sold the 5102 for $150,000 and built 5210 (our present home)with the sale. God has been so good to us.”

Aren’t you inspired?

Here are some photos from yesterday!  First at lunch with just a few of the 42 of Granny’s relatives (children, grandchildren and great grandchildren) that live in Dallas, and then some portraits of Granny at Aunt Cathy’s house.  Her big Dallas birthday party (she’s already had two parties back in Roswell) is next Sunday.

The photos with me in them were taken by my cousin Daniel Reynolds.





Now for Granny’s 80th birthday photo shoot –



Ben came over to see Granny and got in on her photo shoot –




Aren’t you just jealous that she’s not your Granny?  It’s ok, you can get on her email list.

Happy birthday Granny!


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  1. coloringlife2009

    I’m mostly inspired by your love for your Granny! I know what it is like to treasure family like that. 🙂

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