To Veteran Moms

Ok veteran Moms.  How do you do it?  What is your secret?  I want to know at what point in your Mom-dom did things start to click?  And when I say ‘things‘ I guess I am talking about balance and rhythm.  I have been in the mom game for almost two years now and I know I haven’t found my balance and rhythm!  When in your careers as moms did you figure out how to keep all the balls in the air (or at least the majority of them) without dropping something?  As of yet, I have been unsuccessful at simultaneously staying on top of my sanity, my business, my son, my husband, my house and my yard.  Notice I didn’t even mention the cooking, I just gave up on that all together =)  I seem to only be able to tackle about three at a time.  I am really hoping that I’m just young and haven’t quite figured out my own balance and rhythm but that someday I will, so I wanted to take a poll of veteran moms giving advice on the subject.  Feel free to answer the poll and leave a comment!

And since every post is better with pictures, here are a few of one of my favorite veteran moms, my Granny, at her 80th birthday with the family on Sunday.


Granny’s cake made by my cousins April and Sarah.


This only shows half of the tables we occupied!


The Granny Paparazzi


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