Colorado Springs Baby Photography – Sayler

While I was in Colorado, I had the privilege of meeting and photographing little Sayler.  Sayler looks exactly like what you think he would look like when you see his parents.  You look at his mom and look at his dad and you think of the baby that would come from them and he is exactly it!  Adorable in every way and so squishy and snuggly!!!  Thanks for letting me snuggle you Sayler!  Give your mommy a hug for me!

Of course starting with feet.  I can’t get enough of baby feet.



We took Sayler out to the beautiful green grass, but he wasn’t a fan.  I love his expressions,

“Mommy I don’t understand what we’re doing, this isn’t fun!!!”



His daddy loves him!


Once we went back inside, Sayler perked right up.  Look at those eyes!!




Hmmmm…should I have a bottle or take a nap?


And to finish it off, Sayler’s Zoolander face –



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