Denver Wedding Photography – The Event Center at Church Ranch

Aaron and Desiree met through a mutual friend.  I was asking him to tell me the story as I took some portraits of him and he said, “I came home one day and there she was with our friend Brandy.”  I was so blessed by their love for each other all weekend.  It was so clear to me that Aaron adores Desiree and that she is so in love with him.  I have known Desiree for several years.  We were in Thailand and Hong Kong together for two months back in the day!  When she called me and said, a) that she was getting married and b) that she wanted me to be her photographer, I was so honored and so excited.  The wedding was lovely and I had so much fun being apart of it.

Venue: The Event Center at Church Ranch

Florist: Swiss Flower and Gift Cottage

Cake: Das Meyer Fine Pastry Chalet

Color PalletteHere are Desiree’s wedding colors!

Des’ future sister-in-law was giving her makeup the finishing touches.


Apparently, Des does this little perfume dance every morning.



The groom, what a stud!



These two made me laugh so hard!  This is Desiree’s brother Matt picking up Aaron.


And then Aaron picking up Matt.  I about died!


The gorgeous bride!





Some Details




Getting married…




Fact: I’m a huge crier, except behind the camera.  I never cry behind the camera, but I definitely teared up during this first dance.


The groom dancing with his mom.


Des and Aaron, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!



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4 responses to “Denver Wedding Photography – The Event Center at Church Ranch

  1. Ashley

    LOVE it, love it, love it!!! What an eye, I know Des is going to be thrilled… as always, fabulous Beth. Loved seeing you this weekend 🙂

  2. Nikki

    The photos are AMAZING! Thanks for posting them! I was sad to miss the wedding but so excited to see the photos.

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