Colorado Springs Child Photography – Mackenzie T

It was fun playing with Mackenzie.  She is about the same age as Shep, but she is definitely all girl!  I was really struck by the differences in the things she wanted to do, play, hold, etc. than what Shep would’ve wanted if he were there. Of course I know that girls and boys are different, but I guess I didn’t realize how different they are at such a young age.  Mackenzie knows so many words and she knows tons of sign language!  She gave me kisses and asked me to sing “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands” over and over again.  We had fun.  We’re buds.  I kept reminding her of our buddiness.  Mackenzie’s parents are our good good friends Jon and Jamie.  I got to take some portraits of her back in Semptember which you can see here.  She’s grown!



Hehe, she wanted to wear a hat that was not on the approved wardrobe list…









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