On the fourth of July, Shep got to play ‘coo’ to his little heart’s content.  ‘Coo’ in case you were wondering is how he says ‘school.’  Why did he want to play school?  It’s because ‘school’ is what he calls basketball, because he first got to play basketball at the school across the street from our house.  Now every time he sees a basketball hoop he calls it a ‘coo.’  On the fourth we were with our friends who had a ‘coo’ for their pool.  I just wanted to show you how completely in enthralled he is.  He got SO excited every time Daddy made a basket.

ShepExcited4th copy



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  1. coloringlife2009

    What a fun 4th of July! I always love your portraits, but there’s something special about your skills being used to capture regular moments. It’s as if you allow the memory to stay crystal clear, for all time. SO NEAT.

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