“We could actually plan…”

Sometime about a year after Shep was born, it suddenly occurred to us.  This feeling of power and authority swept into our lives as we all of a sudden realized, “Hey, we could actually plan when we’re going to have our next kid!”  This was a new and novel concept for the Dreyers.  You see, back when we found out that I was pregnant with Shep, we were dazed and confused.  We’re still not sure exactly how our contraception plan went awry, but we’re certainly glad that it did!  Now Shepherd is almost two years old and he’s the best little guy we could’ve ever dreamed up for ourselves.  We love being parents!

It took a while after the whole pregnancy, labor, c-section, recovery, stretch marks, losing weight, forgetting what sleep is, remember what sleep is, series of events before we could even think about possibly starting that process all over again.  But we are proud to announce that we have indeed begun that very process for the second time.

Dreyer Baby #2 is due on March 6th, 2010.


So in case you have been wondering why I took a two-week hiatus from blogging, and haven’t rushed to show you my vacation photos, it’s because I’ve been so tired!  I usually blog in the later afternoon while Shep is napping.  Lately however, by the time 3:00 rolls around, I’m totally and completely spent and can’t even think about doing anything but laying on the couch pretending to watch television but really falling asleep.

So stay tuned because in addition to photography, you’re about to get Beth’s pregnancy blog round two!


This picture was taken by my mother in law Helena, who I will say was definitely the first non-photographer to pick up my camera and it’s 70-200mm lens with no fear!  Way to go!



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6 responses to ““We could actually plan…”

  1. AWE, CONGRATULATIONS!!! How very exciting!

  2. Jess B

    YAY!!! umm so I’m extremely pumped for pregnancy blog round two! 🙂

  3. So happy for you guys. Congratulations!!

  4. coloringlife2009

    I’m crying. This is the best announcement!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS. 🙂

    Love you,

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