Pregnancy Blog – Week 8

Week 8 – Current Mood: Surprisingly Energetic

It’s the return of the pregnancy blogs!  I’ve had quite a few people tell me how excited they are for the return of the pregnancy blogs.  I actually feel intimidated that I can’t live up to my former funniness.  I really am not that funny in real life!  Somehow while I was pregnant with Shepherd, I became sassier and funnier.  So if you enjoyed the blogs from my last pregnancy, I hope I can live up to my former self and entertain you once again in my second pregnancy.

So here goes!

I haven’t really had anything happen to me pregnancy wise worth writing about the past couple of weeks mostly because I’ve been feeling so great (don’t hate me).  This week is the first week worth writing a full blog about.  Ok I guess that’s not true… For some reason, pregnancy causes all of your brain cells to start dying off and suddenly you can’t remember what you forgot all of a sudden.  I found this out last pregnancy when I forgot to go to jury duty and didn’t remember that I forgot until weeks later.  A few days after I found out I was pregnant, I got in the car and drove out to Garland (a good 30 minute drive) to do some head-shots.  Everything’s looking good I’m cruising down the highway singing at the top of my lungs, and I’m even a few minutes early!  As I pulled into my parking place, feeling all proud of myself for being so early, I looked over to the seat next to me and realize with a shock of terror and mortification that I had brought my lens bag and lenses – but no camera!!!  It’s the nightmare that every photographer has in his worst dreams, but oh no, it actually happened to me!  That was a nice moment in my life.  Aside from that horrifically embarrassing experience, for the first several weeks after I found out, I hardly remembered I was even pregnant half the time.  My ability to think, reason and remember seemed to be intact, we went on vacation, had a great time, I felt great and all was well.

This week I’ve definitely started feeling a little more pregnant.  The other day, I opened the garage, got in my car, set my purse down, put my cup in the cup holder, buckled my seat belt and reached for the keys – oh but they were still inside the house.  This has happened about three times recently, for some reason I grab everything else I need but forget to grab the keys.  Fortunately I haven’t left them anywhere in public and forgotten them.  Stay tuned.

Later that week I had gone out to brunch with some girls and on my way home I called Jake and Shep to tell them I’d be back soon.  I was all telling Shep to get ready cause Mommy was coming home to play with him, and he was excited.  Well practically the moment I hung up the phone, I was hit with an instant, completely overwhelming, full body, I-want-to-fall-asleep-at-the-wheel exhaustion that made me a complete hazard on the road.  I got home and walked in like a zombie, mumbling something about laying down for a few minutes.  Yeah right.  Two hours later I dragged myself out of bed and it really took another two or three hours after that before I really felt awake.  Oh yeah, this is what pregnancy feels like…

Here’s our baby’s first picture.  That doctor’s visit was fun.  Shep hit the emergency-nurse-come-in-here-now! button while we were waiting for the doctor to come in, and then got his fingers pinched in the stirrups…


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  1. coloringlife2009

    A little pea in your pod! What is it about new life that just reignites a passion for all that is good?! God knows just how much this miracle of birth births something in everyone’s hearts … way before the little gift even arrives.

    So sweet! And still so incredibly excited for you!

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