I was sitting here making some changes to my website trying to think of what I wanted to blog about today, but nothing came to me.  My latest photo shoots are either not the kind that make it to the blog or are not ready to be shared just yet.  I haven’t read anything profound or exciting that needs to be shared.  I don’t have any funny thoughts about pregnancy to talk about.  I’m feeling very relaxed and at peace.  I got some things done today that I had been wanting to accomplish, I feel like I’m living in an appropriate balance of working, homekeeping and allowing myself to embrace the idyleness that pregnancy sometimes begs.  My son is napping and I have the house to myself.  So while I could probably rack my brain to find something exciting to blog about, instead I’ll just leave you with this picture I took on vacation and hope it gives you the same sense of happiness and peace that it gives to me.



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  1. coloringlife2009

    Great image!

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