Pregnancy Blog Week 10

Week 10 – Mood: Blessed

Sometimes I forget how incredible it is that I am not the least bit sick or nauseous right now.  This past Sunday at church I was greeted by two or three people with expressions of grave concern asking me how I was feeling.  For a split second I wondered what the first person was talking about.  Oh right.  But really the truth is that I feel great!  Aside from what I affectionately call ‘pregnancy narcolepsy,’ I hardly have any symptoms.  One day last week I felt queasy all day long but I’m pretty sure it was from the greasy burger I had the night before…

It’s amusing to me how different I feel about being pregnant this time around.  The first time, I was freaking out about getting the initial exam with ‘the stirrups,’ and all of the dread and fear that word implies.  This time, I had my two year old in the room while I was in the stirrups and I was too busy trying to keep him from getting his fingers caught in them (an unsuccessful endeavor on my end) to worry about how awkward it is to have someone ~ahem~ examining that area of my body.

The only thing I have to complain about is a recent acne breakout I’m experiencing.  Usually I truck on through life wearing my Bare Minerals and never washing my face before I go to bed (don’t judge).  But no such luck right now!  If I don’t wash my makeup off, I’m paying for it.  So I actually have to take care of my skin now…

This picture was taken by Jake last night while we were celebrating my first baby’s second birthday.




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2 responses to “Pregnancy Blog Week 10

  1. coloringlife2009

    Maybe the stillness of your body means you have a gentle, quiet baby girl in you?! Haha Whatever the reason for your lack of nausea, it’s a great thing.

  2. coloringlife2009

    I had a crazzzy night that I want to tell you about! My friend and I were going over a prophetic dream she had and she started submitting other dreams to me for consideration. She said she had a dream about the young couple who have a little boy and work with youth. She didn’t even know your names as she only remembers you, Jake, and Shep from that one youth leader meeting. A few months back, she dreamt you were pregnant with a girl. Imagine her surprise when I told her you were 10 weeks pregnant! I nearly floooooored her! It was so neat to see her so encouraged by such an in-your-face fulfillment of what God had told her.

    Beautiful, huh? Hope it was encouraging to you! God has already spoken about that child in your womb. What a purpose He must have!

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