Pregnancy Blog – Week 13

Week 13 – Mood: Energized

I was recently reading articles about Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy and I came across an article where she was admitting that at first she had contemplated having an abortion.  She talked to her doctor about it and researched it online and the thing that finally helped her decide against it was something that her doctor said which I think is so profound and should be said more:

“My doctor told me there is nothing you will ever regret about having the baby, but he was like, ‘You may regret not having the baby.’ “

This is so true!  It can’t be said enough, there is never going to be a day when you look at your baby, child, teenager and think to yourself, “Man I wish I had aborted you.”  Never.  You may look at them and think man I’m so proud of myself for doing what I had to do to provide for my child even though it was hard.  You might look at them and think, “Those sleepless nights were hard but I’d do it all again.”  But you’ll never regret having a child.

~ getting off soapbox~

This week has been great for me and baby #2.  Shepherd likes to come lay his head on my tummy to say hi to the baby which is just precious!  I bought some leggings at Gap which I may never take off again.  They are SO soft and cozy!  And baby is now started to become a presence in my figure.

Here is a picture at six weeks –

6WksIMG_2783And this one as I head into week 14 –


I know the week 14 photo isn’t in very good focus, and that I’m a photographer so I should have better photos. I did this one on my point and shoot with the self-timer and tripod since Jake isn’t here right now to take it for me.  A perfect example of why you shouldn’t leave your memories to the care of the self-timer and the tripod, you should hire me instead =)

Now that I’ve officially stepped into the glorious second trimester, I have had energy for the first time in weeks!  Usually in the afternoon I’m counting the minutes until Shep’s naptime so I can go have a nap myself.  I have occasionally even beaten him to naptime.  But the other day I put him down and actually cleaned my house.  With gusto I might add!  I haven’t done anything with gusto in a while!  This was definitely the first time our house has been clean in a looong time.  You know it’s been a long time coming when your friends come into your house and say, “Look at your house – it’s clean!” with some surprise.


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  1. coloringlife2009

    You are so cute with your little baby bump. And the moments that pregnancy is giving you!

    P.S. You should get on your soapbox more often. 😉

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