Carrollton Portrait Photography – Debi Chapman

Debi Chapman is the mother of I won’t even tell you how many children (including Hannah & Barnabas) because you wouldn’t believe me.  She’s a veteran mom who speaks to mom’s groups and after getting repeated requests from those young moms, she is about to start a blog!  Her blog will be to encourage young moms and give them that, “I can do this feeling” you get from seeing a good before and after step by step room makeover.  Can’t you just tell by looking at her that she’s someone you want to get advice and encouragement from?






I will be sure to let you know when her blog is up and running, I know I’m looking forward to reading it!



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5 responses to “Carrollton Portrait Photography – Debi Chapman

  1. Beth

    shes like the martha stewart of mommy-hood. i cant wait for her blog!

  2. I am Mrs. Chapman’s daughter’s friend and I am so excited about her blog! Your pictures are amazing and I love reading your pregnancy posts… Thanks for sharing.


  3. coloringlife2009

    I talked to a friend yesterday who said she needed that exact kind of encouragement. PLEASE post the address as soon as you can. 🙂

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