New Mexico Part I

Here are some photos I took in and around my Granny’s properties over this past week.  I faded out my logo a bit so you could concentrate more on the photos.  We had such a great time relaxing, hanging out with Granny and eating good food!  More on all that in tomorrow’s Pregnancy Blog.

Look closely, do you see the bug?  I didn’t see it when I was taking this photo.



‘The cabin’ that Granny and Grandpa and their kids built themselves in the 70’s.  We were fortunate enough to be the ones to visit and find out that the well pump had finally burned out after thirty years.  So we had no water which was ~ahem~ fun =)


This is my faaaavorite –



And a little preview of what’s to come on Monday.  If you can guess what this is, you get a prize!




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4 responses to “New Mexico Part I

  1. naomi cooper

    It is an emblem on a car…. 🙂

  2. Brandy

    Does family count on the prize????

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