New Mexico Part II

I know I promised this post to come yesterday, but sometimes a Monday just gets away with a girl!  On Friday I showed you this picture and asked what you thought it was –


Clearly it is the front of some sort of vehicle right?  But just what kind of vehicle you ask?  Well I will tell you.  It is the front of the cab of my Grandpa’s world famous (in our family at least) well-digger!  If I have my facts straight, the story goes that he bought a well digger (cause we all need a well digger at some point or another) and decided that it wasn’t as functional as it could be.  He further decided that he could do a better job of building one himself.  Yes.  So he built this one –


I’m always inspired by these stories about Grandpa.  For some reason I always have this voice inside telling me that I can’t do something, or I would fail if I tried etc. etc.  I think we’ve all been there.  But Grandpa either didn’t have that voice or learned at a young age not to listen to it!  I mean the Bible does say,

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Philipians 4:13

Why can’t that include building a well-digger?  For some reason in many situations I seem to think that I am the exemption to this verse.  Grandpa clearly had revelation in that area that I don’t yet have.  So if he can build a well-digger, a house, many other houses, buy a Hasselblad camera on a school teacher’s salary with five kids, and soooo many other things, why can’t you and I go after the things that we are scared to try?

Aren’t they just too cute?


Here are some other photos of the well-digger.  I was completely fascinated by it –



I asked Granny if these were bullet-holes.  They are.  When Grandpa was a teacher/assistant principal, there were occasional ‘disgruntled’ students who didn’t particularly love his stern methods.  Granny doesn’t know for sure, but they assume that it was students that used to shoot at their cars sitting outside their house.  This was part of the reason that they decided to move to the country back around 1980.  I know right.  Hello!










I hope these pictures and this story inspired you the next time you have an idea quickly followed by a voice that says, “I can’t.”  Think about Philippians 4:13, overcome the fear of failure and think about the well-digger =)


Oh and if you’re looking for a well-digger, I bet Granny would give you a good deal on this one!


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