Pregnancy Blog – Week 16

This was the week of the migraine.  I unfortunately have quite a lot of experience in the headache/migraine department so when hormones are awry, it’s not uncommon for migraines to come a-callin’.  This tendency has been further compounded by the fact that I’m wearing glasses with an old prescription in them as Shep broke my current pair (I don’t wear contacts).  Add to this mix a bunch of reading and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.  Why I didn’t see this coming I’m sure I don’t know!

Wednesday was the fateful day.  I woke with a headache just like many other days, took an over the counter pain killer that’s on the approved preggo medication list.  Nothing.  It gets worse.  I called the doctor’s office and asked them to call me in a prescription which they kindly did.  I then mentally prepared myself to get in the car and drive through the pain.

Trying to corral my two year old while waiting at the pharmacy with a raging migraine made getting a root canal sound like a carnival.

Of course my sweet little two year old picked that particular outing to emphatically express his two-year-old-ism.  And of course I had on some yucky sweats and he was in his pajamas as we wandered the store eating the bribery Goldfish I grabbed while waiting for the prescription to be filled.  We finally got the pills, paid for the Goldfish and ran out to the car.  I’m feeling relieved thinking, “Oh sweet Jesus, thank you for pills, I’m going to take these we’re going to go home I’m going to feel better, “ yadda, yadda, yadda as I strap Shep into his car seat.  When I got in my seat I ripped open the bag and popped two pills into my mouth.  It was then that I looked down and realized that my handy dandy Starbucks cup was EMPTY.  I’m talking bone dry.  Two chalky pills were dissolving into chalky yuckiness in my mouth.  I started to look around and panic.  Shep was already strapped in, I couldn’t just leave him there and run back to the store!  I didn’t want to spit out the chalky mess and waste two pills!  I raced out of the car, yanked him out of his seat, and we ran ourselves back into that store!  Wild eyed, I’m pointing at water bottles as the sweet checkout lady is asking me if I need any help.  I ripped open a water bottle and chugged.  Aaaaahhhh.

I finally got full relief when I went to bed that night and woke up the next day feeling much much better.  Is this story over?  No, it continues..

This morning (Sunday) at church my Bible study leader came over to ask me how I was feeling and make sure I was doing ok.  I was telling her my sad story and then as I’m talking to her, suddenly I realize, “Oh my gosh I totally did not brush my teeth this morning!!!  How gross, what is my problem?  This pregnancy memory thing is killing me!”  My next thought is, “Her husband is a DENTIST, why does this happen to me?”  I’m having these thoughts mid sentence and I’m trying to talk without breathing in her direction or really open my mouth.  Tell me I’m not the only one to whom these sorts of things happen?

Since you have been so kind as to read my long indulgent tale, here is just a teeny tiny little taste of what’s to come this week on the blog –


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