Hilton DFW Lakes Engagement Photography: Tim & Lindsey

I just can’t tell you how much fun I had on this shoot!  It was me, Tim, Lindsey and both of their moms and we wandered the beautiful grounds of the Hilton DFW Lakes out in Grapevine for two hours and if the sun hadn’t gone down we could’ve kept going!  If you are looking for a location for your engagement session, this is a great one, I’ll definitely be using it again!  I must admit that when Tim and Lindsey told me that both of their moms were there I was a little bit nervous.  But these two girls frolicked around, skipping, swinging, playing horseshoes and carrying the bags and clothes having a grand old time all by themselves.  Meanwhile Tim and Lindsey rocked their session.  I was totally exhausted when I got home that night but I was absolutely busting at the seams squealing with delight as I loaded these pictures onto my computer!

These first two are totally different from the rest but I had to include them.  Lindsey has the most gorgeous eyes!







For some reason I just love this one, I’m really loving lens flare right now =)








Click *HERE* for a slideshow!



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4 responses to “Hilton DFW Lakes Engagement Photography: Tim & Lindsey

  1. coloringlife2009

    These have a goooood feel to them! (Yay for Moms that walk around celebrating love.)

  2. Jim Hughes


    Thanks. Maria and Lindsey were very excited when they came home. And looking at these few shots, I can see why. Look forward to seeing more. You are very talented and blessed with a great gift.

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