Arbor Hills Family Photography: Plano, TX – Griffin Family

Sunday evening I had the privilege of hosting Portraits at the Preserve which was a marathon mini-session event.  I was honored to photograph four sweet families and they were gracious enough to brave the heat and stand with their backs to the sun for me!

First up was the Griffin family.  I know you can’t tell at all from this first picture, but Tara is about 7 or 8 months along with their second child!  She looked fabulous and I was really impressed with her for coming out in the heat and doing all the things I asked her to do with a big smile on her face.  Sometimes it’s not easy to smile when you’ve got that much baby inside of you but Tara was a champ!




Shep and Adelaide are in the same Sunday school class at church and he was on my lap while I was editing these of Adelaide and her Mamma.  I told him, “That’s Adelaide’s Mommy!”  and he kept pointing to the screen going, “A-lal Mommy!”


I just love real family moments like this!IMG_6576


Tara, you look fantastic!




Taking pictures of little girls is the best because they know they are beautiful.  Everyone is always telling them they are so they believe it!  They aren’t trying to get their best angle or fix make sure their hair is perfect.  They just smile and pose.




The Haun family was next and since they Hauns and the Griffins are very close friends they asked to have a big family picture together.  I just love that!


Click below for a slideshow of the Griffin family!

Picture 5


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One response to “Arbor Hills Family Photography: Plano, TX – Griffin Family

  1. coloringlife2009

    You have created an anxious heart in me, Beth!! Now I just cannot wait to see the rest of your portraits. hahaha THESE ARE WONDERFUL.

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