Pregnancy Blog: Week 18

Week 18

Mmmm….Baby it’s cold outside!!  Today I pulled out the Christmas music.  Early you say?  To the contrary.  For me, October is late for Christmas music!  It usually comes out in September.  Don’t judge.  Every single year my husband looks at me like I’m crazy and like he’s pretending to be surprised.  It’s the perfect sweater and leggings with boots, drinking a latte, snuggling up under the covers and watching a black and white movie kinda day.  I can’t think of a more perfect time to start listening to the music that reminds me of all that is happy and good and warm and fuzzy.

I’ve been feeling the baby move for a few weeks, but now you can feel it from the outside so Jake has gotten to feel the kicking too.  I can’t wait for Shep to feel it.  He knows that our baby is in Mommy’s tummy and he’ll talk to the baby and kiss the baby and lay his head on my tummy.  But I think it’ll be special when he can really tangibly feel the baby.

Last night I was looking through my name book and getting online at baby name websites and there was not ONE name I could find that even remotely jumped out at me.  It was like God was just telling me to not even bother.  It seemed like all I was seeing were the seriously dumb names like – I kid you not – Silence.  Silence.  For real?  I’m all about unusual and unique names, but not Silence.  If it’s going to be unusual, let it at least have a fantastic meaning!  Names are such a sensitive subject.  With Shepherd, we didn’t tell a SOUL his name until he was born because the fact was, we did not care to hear everyone and their mothers’ opinion about it.  There is something about children, pregnancy and baby names that makes people feel that they HAVE to give their unasked advice or opinion or horrible story.  I haven’t been able to figure this out yet.  I’m hormonal, I don’t want to hear you tell me about your terrible birth experience, or that you don’t like the name I’m thinking about or that you think I look huge, large, like I’m having twins, like I haven’t had any trouble gaining weight etc.

Maybe that’s why I love Christmas music so much.  It’s just happy and warm and fuzzy and it doesn’t make you deal with the sad, cold and rough things that are going on around you.


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