Christmas Cards!

I am so  in love with Christmas and SO in love with getting Christmas cards in the mail.  I love to see how people’s families have changed, hear what people are doing, and see what kinds of cards people go to the trouble to create.  That’s why I’m so excited to offer these beautiful press-printed cards to my clients this year!  They start at $45 for 5×7 folded cards or $30 for 5×7 flat cards and come in several paper choices including *pearl* which is my favorite because it’s *shimmery*  They were originally designed that the elements be black and white but all the swirls and curls can be any color you like!  The cards themselves are customizable as well.  If you like the front of one card, the middle of another and the back of another, I can put together just the card you want!  What you are seeing are spreads.  The first image in the spread is the front, the second two are the inside and the fourth is the back.  Click on a card for a larger view.

Email me – for more information or to order your cards today!









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