Pregnancy Blog – Week 20

Week 20

It’s official, we have ourselves another boy!

I am very excited about this for a number of reasons.

#1) I was right.  I thought it was a boy, and there is great validation in being right, am I right?

#2) Since we already have all boy stuff, I will only need to register for a few things (see below).  If it was a girl, I would want to break the bank buying all the cute pink girl stuff I could get my hands on!

#3) I have always said that my ideal lineup of kids is boy, boy, girl.  I think it will be fun for Shep to have a boy buddy and I am praying that they will grow up being each others’ best friends!

I mentioned that we will only need to register for a few things.  The first of those things is diapers.  I used these wonderful cloth diapers by BumGenius with Shep for about his first year and a half.  At that point I realized that all this time I had been using the high-heat setting on my dryer, (hellooooo) which had caused all of the elastic to wear out around the leg holes of all but one of my diapers.  Sad day!!!!  I heart cloth diapers, they are so much better for your baby and the environment and they save you SO much money.  There is a bit of an investment up front, but in the long run it’s a huge saver.



I also need to register for a breast pump.  Let me take a moment to go over the finer points of why you should buy a breast pump if you’re a stay at home nursing mom.  I had read online that if you planned on being at home with your baby that you probably wouldn’t really need to make the investment in a motorized breast pump (another steep investment) because you wouldn’t really need to pump all that much.  “Save yourself the money and just get a manual one!”  That was a lie from the pit of hell.  I have this pump, but instead of the tubes connecting to a nice little motor, they connect to a hand crank pump.


Although I have been a stay at/work from home mom, I did not ground my social life a halt and as a result, all of my close girlfriends had to pump my breasts at one time or another.  One time I was walking in a fashion show modeling my friend Leah’s designs, and in the big open dressing room where all the girls were getting ready, there I am, getting pumped by Ashley receiving some interesting stares.  Jake and I would go to parties and have to excuse ourselves, “Sorry we have to go to the bathroom together for 20 minutes…together…to pump.”  How sexy.

Leah and I – she designed that amazing coat!


Ashley, who was modeling her sister Madison’s designs.  Picture Ashley and I all dressed up, huddled in that corner – pumping my breasts.  Or don’t if it grosses you out…


We also never bought a Pack’n’Play and a few other things which we’ll try to get this time in addition to the dreaded double stroller.  I do agree that there is a whole lot of baby gear out there that you really don’t need, and I guess that’s why I never got the items I mentioned.  But I have learned that some things really are worth having, and I think that breast pumps, Pack’n’Plays and cloth diapers are worth it!



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Blog – Week 20

  1. Alicia McKinley (Soj)

    I have a double stroller that I am sure I will be ready to part with by the time you need it.

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