Styling for Family Photos

People ask me all the time what to wear for their photo shoots.  I tell people to coordinate but not match.  Pick a color scheme of about three colors (preferably one that goes with their living room, office, bedroom or wherever they will hang their final prints) and build outfits from there.  I have put together several different outfit combinations based on different color schemes to show you as examples!  I chose to build outfits from affordable stores like Old Navy, Forever 21, and American Eagle so you can see how easy it is to look cute on a budge.  Click on the photos to see purchasing information, or just use these outfits as inspiration and shop in your closet from what you already have.  Think layers and textures.  Hats, scarves, jackets, vests, tights, shoes and jewelry all make outfits more visually interesting.

This first set is comprised of clothes from Old Navy and accessories and shoes from Old Navy and other places.  I just loooove aqua!!

Picture 5

This set of outfits would be great for my family (if I had three kids =) because it is using the color scheme of my living room!  My walls are sea green, my couch is brown and we have a blue chair with white shelves.  Next to the living room is the kitchen where you see my red chairs.  And these outfits are all from Old Navy.  It doesn’t have to be expensive to buy great outfits!  This set includes an outfit for a baby boy as well.  Moms, this sweater is nice for you if there are any areas you may want to hide 😉

Picture 6

This set is made up of outfits from different stores.  Mom’s outfit is from Forever 21, with shoes by Jessica Simpson, Dad’s is from American Eagle and the kids’ outfits are from Old Navy.

Picture 1

These sisters’ outfits are from GapKids’ Himalaya and Leopard collections.  The first set is a  Girls outfit and a baby outfit.  The Leopard outfits are both baby/toddler.  Every piece is available at Gap!

Picture 2

Picture 3

These two sets are both from Gap Kids. Great for brothers! The first one is Boys and Baby/Toddler. The second set is both Boys.  And every piece is available at Gap.

Picture 4Picture 5

I hope these outfits inspire you!



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2 responses to “Styling for Family Photos

  1. Danielle

    I wish I had your help before our pics! Can you help me with future wardrobe choices…I love everything you have suggested!!!

  2. Sharlie

    Fabulous suggestions, Beth!

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