Pregnancy Blog – Week 21

Has anyone ever heard of a spaghetti squash?  I had not, maybe I’m the only one, but according to Baby Center, that apparently is about the size of my baby right now.


It looks about right to me.  All of a sudden this past week, I felt like I looked pregnant for the first time.  It was when I was getting ready for Brecka’s wedding last Saturday that I first got that by looking in the mirror.  By Thursday I was getting ready for a party and I put on the same pants I wore to Brecka’s wedding.  On Saturday I had been able to zip them a little bit, but Thursday I couldn’t zip them at all (Bella Band to the rescue!).  I’m pretty sure that when I walked into church on Friday night for a volunteer dinner that there were people who know me staring because they didn’t  know I was pregnant and then BAM belly outta nowhere.

I was showing Shep an illustration of what our baby looks like right now and trying to explain to him, “This is our baby, and this is Mommy’s tummy.  See the baby is inside of Mommy’s tummy!”  He thought about it for a second and says, “Babay house.”  Yes, Mommy is a baby house.  Then we were pointing to the baby’s eyes, ears, mouth etc. and he stands back and points to the picture and says, “Nekked babay!!”  I just sit around and wait to hear what he’s going to say, because it’s always adorable and comical.

For Halloween we couldn’t resist dressing up as the football player and the pregnant cheerleader.  From the Christian school.  Hehe.  Or Van and Cheyenne from Reba.  I’m not going to lie, I got up at the party we went to and did a preggo dance to, “Doncha Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me.”


Hehehe, David was dressed like a monk so of course we had to take advantage of that!



But what about our adorable two year old you may ask.  What did we dress him as?  Well, that two year old had a cute little Wall-e costume from his friend Cody, but he flat REFUSED – I’m talking kicking screaming and tearing it off of himself – to wear it.  So he was dressed as himself.  We took him over to Prestonwood’s fall festival and let him play some games and get candy.  All he wanted out of the evening was to eat a Tootsie Pop, so it was pretty easy to to make all his dreams come true.




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  1. coloringlife2009

    Creative costume! J loves that show, so I am not surprised he guessed it.

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