Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Family Photography – Chapman Family

I have to say, all of the families that participated in Portraits at the Preserve last weekend did so well on their styling!  I was very impressed and excited to see all the outfits that showed up that day, way to go everyone!

I love this family!  Every Sunday almost, Esther and Cody run up to greet Shep.  Esther loves to follow Shep around playing with him, and Cody donated the Wall-e costume that Shep ultimately refused to wear.  I started getting to know mom Sharlie earlier this year when we were up swimming with another friend and her kids having conversations about being real.  I always appreciate real people who aren’t afraid to be themselves, so and so does she, so we’ve enjoyed getting to know each other this year.  I was thrilled to be able to photograph the Chapman family, check out the eyes on those kiddos!





Esther is a jumper!






They really wanted to do a cute laying down shot but they all have sensitive eyes and no one could keep their eyes open, it was really funny –




These last two are my very favorites!  Look at those eyes!


I love this one because it’s so relaxed, natural and you can tell how much they all love each other –


To see more of the Chapmans, click the image below to see their slideshow –

Picture 1



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2 responses to “Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Family Photography – Chapman Family

  1. LOVE the sweet Chapman family and you did a great job on their pictures. So beautiful.

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