Arbor Hills Nature Preserve Sibling Photography – Lewis Family

I first met Selena this summer (ironically through the same friend that connected me with Sharlie – Holly when am I gonna do your kiddos!).   I walked into my friend Holly’s house and there was furniture everywhere!  Out of a bedroom came Holly and Selena panting and dragging a dresser.  They were preparing to steam Holly’s carpets and Selena had come down with her steamer and proceeded to help move all Holly’s furniture and then do all the steaming while we sat outside with the kids!  And Shep and I had just decided to pop in that day.  We’ve been keeping up through Facebook since then and hung out at a birthday party recently so it was fun to get to meet the rest of her family and photograph them!

Andrew is a little ham.  He would turn that smile on and off like a switch – with a great attitude – it was really cute!


Hehe, that grin kills me!



These guys had a little easier time keeping their eyes open than the Chapmans =)

IMG_0860 (1)



Selena, I think you may have said not to post any of the family pictures, but I just couldn’t help it, y’all are too good lookin’!


To see more of the Lewis family, click the image below to see a slideshow!

Picture 4


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