Pregnancy Blog – Week 25

I am really starting to feel pregnant now.  It’s getting more uncomfortable to bend over, sit on the floor, pick Shepherd up and even to maintain good posture.  I’m trying to think of ways I can move my desktop computer over to the couch and pretend it’s a laptop because my desk chair is so uncomfortable.  My cute maternity jeans are getting tight too, which is really bad since I still have quite a bit of girth to gain if you know what I mean!  I won’t even talk about the granny panties I had to buy this week…

When I was pregnant with Shep, it never bothered me if people came up and touched the belly.  Which is surprising considering all of the other things that I managed to be crabby about.  But the past couple of days, I have been officially hit with the ‘DON’T TOUCH ME’ hormone.  If you come up and put your hands on my belly and then ask me if he’s moving, and THEN ask me if it’s ok that you’re touching me, you may be met with a dirty look.

I realize that my belly now protrudes outside of a normal physical boundary line, and that it’s out there for all to see, but just because you have to see it doesn’t mean you have to touch it!  It’s still part of my body and my body is not public property.  Feeling my baby move is a privilege!  It’s a sweet intimate thing that isn’t just out there for anyone and everyone at any time or an place.  If I want to share it with you I will, and if I don’t I won’t.  When someone just walks up and puts their hands on my belly, it feels like they are taking something from me that I should’ve been allowed to give – like if someone kissed you and you didn’t want them to.

So next time you see a pregnant woman, give her the respect of asking permission before touching her body.  She’ll thank you for it!

There’s that cranky pregnant Beth we all remember!  I knew she was in there somewhere!!  Here’s a blurry picture of me not being cranky making macoroni on Thanksgiving day =)


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  1. coloringlife2009

    I saw you the other day (didn’t get to say HI because you were talking), thought you looked adorably pregnant, and didn’t walk over to touch you. Does that make us friends? hahaha!

    I haven’t been on here in a while, but looks like life is still going well for you. Blessings.

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