Plano Child Photography – Dorrie & Mia

I have been dying to finish editing and share these photos!  These two little girls are both so incredibly beautiful and photogenic, I was absolutely beside myself editing their photos.  Every time I would go through the photos, they got cuter and cuter!  Dorrie and Mia’s mommies are the nurse and ultra-sound tech at my OB’s office, and we were all pregnant at the same time back two years ago!  We did this shoot on a Saturday morning after a rainy few days and the ground was muddy everywhere!  So between two 2-year-olds, pretty dresses, shoes, stockings and an older brother their moms had their hands full.  It was so funny, photographing two year olds is such a chaotic venture every time.  You’ve got me sweet talking and handing out gummies, moms doing silly dances and singing songs, big brother getting yelled at for walking into the shot and two little girls who don’t understand what’s going on.  I love it!  I think it’s hilarious and wonderful, which is why I love photographing small children.


This is Mia.  Look at her gorgeous eyes!!

I don’t have words for Dorrie’s curls.

Stop it.  SO cute!!

Gorgeous girls.

Can’t get enough?  Me either.  Click below to watch their slideshow



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4 responses to “Plano Child Photography – Dorrie & Mia

  1. Kary Keegan

    Thank you so much for all your beautiful work. I could not have been more happy to see the pictures. You are an awesome photographer and patient. All of us in the office love you ande your family.

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