Highland Park Dallas Senior Photography – Brenna Boyd

I love the Boyd family!  Not only do they produce gorgeous daughters and have the ultimate backyard for a summer party =) but Brenna’s older sister Jessica is one of my best friends.  You may remember her from her fabulous bridal portraits and engagement pictures.  Well Brenna is the youngest of three Boyd daughters and she’s all grown up and graduating this spring!  She was seriously the easiest person I have ever photographed.  It was so bizarre!  She wasn’t freaked out to be in front of the camera, she wasn’t trying to run away from me, she didn’t have a dress that constantly had to be fluffed or a bouquet to adjust, she didn’t cry or ask for candy, she didn’t freeze up and look cheesey.  She just did what I asked her to do and looked fabulous the whole time.  I don’t know if I’ve ever come home with more ‘keeper’ shots from a session!  We were seriously done with this session in less than an hour and a half with four different outfits!  Those Boyd girls are fun to photograph!

I really love this last one.  I feel like she’s so channeling her inner Anthropologie woman –

Click below to see Brenna’s slideshow


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