Pregnancy Blog – Week 26

Week twenty-six?  Seriously?  I’ve completed twenty-six weeks of pregnancy?  It’s gone by fast this time.  I have a feeling time will start feeling slower soon.  This has been an up and down week not in my pregnancy really but in my friend Tara’s.  She was due last week on Thanksgiving day with her second girl.  On Tuesday she called to see if I could come stay with her daughter Adelaide because she was having some strange pains that weren’t contractions.

I was ready!  Shep and I dropped what we were doing and raced over.  As far as I was concerned this was it – she was going to go to her doctor and he was going to be like, “Oh you’re having this baby today, let’s check you in.”  Adelaide was going to come spend the night and we were going to have a baby the next day.  I was wrong.

Thursday Tara was set to be induced.  They brought Adelaide over at 6:30 am and headed to the hospital.  Again, we were ready!  I had plans to take two 2-year olds to the mall to play and hear stories.  By myself.  Without a stroller.  In retrospect this doesn’t sound like such a great idea…  But by 9 am Randy and Tara were back at our house.  They wouldn’t induce her because she’d had a glass of water!!!  I was so disappointed for her!!!  We ended up all going to the mall and letting the kids play.  Oh poor Tara she was sooo uncomfortable, but she was being a real champ.

Shep and Adelaide.  Note her with the tiara, and him with the Cars booklet.

Today however was the day and Tatum was born just a little while ago!  We haven’t made it over to the hospital quite yet so I don’t have any pictures but I’m so happy for the Griffin family.  Whew!  What a week for them!

Now Tara is all done and I’m heading into the hardest part of pregnancy as I inch closer to my third trimester.  The other night I was sitting on the couch and as I stood up and threw out my right hip.  Yowza!  What am I, 85?  It was about 10:00 in the evening and I was waiting for Jake to get home with the pizza I was craving (I can’t help it!!!).  I had to sit perfectly still on the couch.  This was the night before Adelaide was coming over at 6:30 in the morning.  Lovely.  Fortunately, I went to bed and woke up all better, thankyoujesus.  I wasn’t too interested in taking two 2-year olds to the chiropractor…

We still don’t have a name for baby boy #2.  And I probably won’t tell you what names we’re thinking about if you ask me, because I don’t really care what you think, and you like everyone else will most likely feel compelled to tell me exactly why you don’t like them or what name we should go with instead.  If you want to name a baby, go have/adopt your own.  If your babies are 45 years old, you had your chance.  We’ll tell people once we’ve decided for sure on his name and then you’ll just have to like it because it’ll be too late!  I better have a girl after this one because I don’t know if I can come up with a third boy name, this is hard!!  My name standards are too high!

There’s something about roller-coaster hormones that bring out this, “I-don’t-care-if-what-I-say-shocks-or-offends-you-cause-it’s-just-the-way-I-feel,” thing in me.  I hear menopause does the same thing…  I’m not gonna lie, I kinda like it!  I don’t know if everyone else enjoys that side effect of my hormones.  But there is something freeing about not being quite so concerned about what you say, knowing that if you cross a line you can just blame it on the hormones.  Kinda the same way you can veto any restaurant decision in any group because you have a craving, or get a foot rub by whining about not feeling well, or sitting out of helping with unpleasant projects because your back hurts.  Right now I bet you’re sitting there either judging me or jealous of my power.  I can sense it.  But guess what – I don’t care 🙂  Listen, the way I see it, if you’ve got to give up your normal wardrobe for most of a year, have your whole body stretched out with stretch marks as sweet little reminders for the rest of your life, gain an ungodly amount of weight in a short amount of time, lose that weight afterward, endure strangers touching your body without asking while telling you that you’re never going to sleep again, why not enjoy some of the perks along the way right?

Photo of my by Jake.  Stay tuned, I’m going to give him a whole post featuring his photography of yours truly =)



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  1. Selena Lewis

    Can I rub your belly?? LOL Love your blogs!

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