Plano Family Photography – Keller Family

Meet the Keller family!  This family is very special to me for lots and lots of reasons.  This is the third year I have photographed them!  You can see last year’s photos here and here.  The year before I wasn’t blogging yet I guess!  I go to the Keller’s house every Monday night for girls Bible study which has been such a hugely important part of my life for quite a while now.  It’s pretty much the best Bible study every because Ronna cooks fabulous food for us each week and doesn’t make us feel bad if we don’t finish our homework – basically a win-win if you ask me!  Last year the whole family couldn’t be together all at the same time for pictures but this year it worked out to get everyone together for Thanksgiving.  We had perfect weather and even pretty impressive cooperation from three year-old Max (once there were cookies involved =)

LOVE these two of Ronna and Wayne –

How cute are Devin and April?

I have always thought that Max was such a handsome boy.  Some kids are cute, Max is handsome

To see more of the Kellers, click below to see their slideshow!


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