Christmas Favorites!

I loooooove Christmas time.  Love it love it love it.  In fact my brother blames my intense Christmas enthusiasm on his current state of Christmas grinchiness.  He swears that I wore him out by celebrating Christmas too early and for too long growing up.  I’m pretty sure he’ll live to recover some Christmas spirit eventually…  In honor of the Christmas season I thought I’d share some of my favorite things about Christmas!

The kickoff of the Christmas season always starts with Christmas music for me.  Usually in about late September, early October.  I looooove Christmas music!  It just reminds me of all that is happy and nice about life. My favorite Christmas song is It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year and favorite version is by Andy Williams.  It’s my ringtone =)

My favorite Christmas album is Amy Grant Home for Christmas.  As a kid I remember Ben and I playing this  album really loud and each of us building little forts in our rooms where we could be by ourselves.  Of course after your fort is done and you’re by yourself, then you’re bored, but it was cool!  Me and Amy would hang out in my fort!

Then of course come the Christmas movies.  I love to put on White Christmas and just have it playing while I work or do things around the house.  It’s a  happy musical that you just can’t help enjoying or singing along to.  I also really love It’s a Wonderful Life because it always puts life in perspective, which we all need sometimes and especially at Christmas.

Christmas cards!!!  We got our first cards in the mail yesterday and today.  For some reason I get sooo excited to receive Christmas cards in the mail.  I love seeing everyone’s pictures!  ~SPOILER ALERT~  Here is the Christmas card I’ll be sending to my clients in the next few days –

I LOVE Christmas parties!!!  I love a party so combining two loves Christmas + Party is a winner for me!  This is my favorite Christmas picture of us taken at an ugly sweater party last year.  Cracks me up every time!

Another Christmas favorite is the Nutcracker ballet.  I haven’t been in quite some time, but my mom used to take me as a little girl.  I would always come home pretending I was Clara and dance around in my socks all across the hardwood floor with my nutcracker for days!  This began an obsession with nutcrackers that I had for some time.  My mom still has all kinds of nutcrackers amongst her Christmas decorations.

How can you not be just a little bit happier when you walk into a mall and for the first time that year, you’re greeted with Frank Sinatra crooning “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas,” and Christmas trees, garlands, snowflakes or lights everywhere you look?  It just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside every time!!

And doesn’t it warm your heart to see all the coat drives, canned food drives and Salvation Army volunteers collecting for people in need?  I love that Christmas is a time of giving.

I love all of the happy things about Christmas, and I love the cheesy things too!  This is Shep’s 2009 Santa photo, taken this afternoon at one of the more stressful mall visits we’ve had in a while.  But it’s all worth it because, you gotta love the cheesy annual Santa photo –

It’s so fun this year that Shep is big enough to get excited about Christmas fun.  He loves to see Christmas lights and Christmas trees, he loves to point out Santa, he looooooves to make cookies and eat the dough.  Always enjoying the childlike spirit of Christmas myself, I’m so excited to get to start reliving the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child again.  We’re really not doing gifts this year except for Shep so it does take off some pressure.  I saw some moms today at Target who were just stressed out and scary looking.  It makes me so sad when people get caught up in the stress of the gift giving and party planning and forget to enjoy themselves.  Don’t forget what Christmas is all about!  Be blessed =)



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2 responses to “Christmas Favorites!

  1. Cheryl

    To quote Nacho: “You gotta be kidding me! All those things are my favorite things to do… every day!” We are kindred spirits, my friend! It’s refreshing to know that there are other Christmas fanatics out there 🙂

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