Pregnancy Blog – Week 28

Last night at dinner, my husband held my hands, looked me in the eyes with a scared expression and told me he never knows when killer-rage Beth is going to come out and attack him.

Psh…What’s he talking about?

Ok maybe I’ve been experiencing a wee bit of hormonal ups and downs…  I’m trying, really I am, but sometimes a pregnant girl just can’t help getting all riled up about something insignificant!

I can’t believe how far along I am in this pregnancy.  I got an email yesterday morning that said I had 77 days to go.  Seventy-seven days!  That’s so not that many days!  I still need to register, get Shep a mattress so he can move out of the crib and into his twin bed, decorate the nursery, get Shep caught up on his immunizations, on and on.  Oh and then there’s the small item of naming our child.  Yep, definitely still haven’t crossed that one off the list.

It’s getting to that point of pregnancy where I’m slowing down, waddling more and living in sweats.  Cute sweats, but sweats.  My expanding body necessitated the purchase of a new bra this week.  So we’re in Target looking at the lingerie and Shep was in the basket gleefully declaring, “Boobies!!!  Boobies!!!  I see boobies!!”  I just sighed.  What was I going to do?  Of all the bras I tried on, the one I picked was by far the least attractive and most comfortable.  I’m kinda embarrassed of it, I didn’t even let Jake see it for the first few days after the purchase.  Seven months pregnant is glamorous folks.

I love the things that pregnancy makes you forget or fail to notice.  Last night while we were shopping for Shep’s Christmas presents, I walked right past Jake while intently searching for him.  The other day I looked down at my hands and realized I had clipped only six of my ten fingernails.  That was two days after the fact by the way…  The other night when we were sitting down to dinner, I was looking all over the house for my water cup to refill it, but couldn’t find it anywhere.  So I got a new one, filled it up and sat down to have a few sips.  Then when Jake was serving up the food, I quickly refilled my cup only to set it down on the table and see another water glass with fresh cold water in it…

Shep ‘sharing’ his ball with the baby

Love my boys!


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