Pregnancy Blog – Week 29

This week’s (late!) pregnancy blog is actually a commemorative letter to Shepherd.  My 29th week of carrying his brother was completed on Christmas day.  It was such a precious Christmas for him that I wanted to write down all the little memories before they were gone forever!

Dear Shepherd,

Yesterday was technically your third Christmas.  I say technically because even though you have been alive for three Christmases now, this was really the first Christmas that you kind of understood what was going on.  You recognized Santa (even though you don’t connect him with presents yet) and sat for a picture with him on my lap, you gleefully pointed out Christmas lights and Christmas trees, you pointed to baby Jesus in Nonnie’s nativity scene, you helped us put ornaments on the tree saying, “I do it!” with pride.  Your sweet childlike spirit was precious to watch!

This year Daddy and I couldn’t buy presents for each other or our friends and family like we wanted to because Daddy just lost his job.  But we didn’t care, we were just happy to be together and enjoy the season.  We used any extra money we had to buy you presents and had so much fun going all over the place to about six different stores and finding toys for you.  We were so excited to be able to get you toys that you were going to love when you didn’t even know enough to expect any gifts at all.  All I wanted for Christmas was to see your face light up when you opened a present and saw something unexpectedly exciting inside.  After we bought your presents I could barely keep myself from giving them to you on the spot because I couldn’t wait to see your excitement over them.

On Christmas Eve, it snowed!  Unfortunately you are still too young to understand what a big deal this was, but you enjoyed watching it through the window nonetheless.  That evening we went to a candle-light service and then out to Macaroni Grill with Nonnie, Pappa, and Uncle Ben.  You were excited to color with Nonnie on the paper table cloth and eat lots of bread and a few bites of chicken.  When we came home, you went to bed while Daddy and I wrapped your presents in front of the fire, drinking hot chocolate and watching A Christmas Story.  We couldn’t wait for you to open them!

When you came out Christmas morning and saw the presents, I don’t think you understood what they were, but you did understand the Lightning McQueen wrapping paper and knew they were something exciting!  As you unwrapped present after present, perfecting your paper-tearing skills, I watched your eyes light up over each Thomas the Tank Engine, Lightning McQueen and Wall-e present you discovered.  That was the best Christmas present I could’ve asked for.

Your very lack of expectation made the presents that much more amazing to you and sweet to us.  You are now the proud owner of Lightning McQueen, shirts, pajamas, socks, slippers, cups, cars and blanket.  You slept with most of those items in your crib with you last night, and this morning when you woke up the first thing you wanted to do was for me to play your new toys with you (Daddy was out braving the crowds to find some sale items for us).  As we played with Thomas, McQueen, Mater and Doc, there was no where else I would’ve rather been than right there with you and your McQueen pajamas.

So your third Christmas was actually your first magical Christmas, and I hope every future Christmas holds just as much magic and excitement for you.

Yes, I absent mindedly left my napkin pulled up over my belly for our self-timed family photo.  Also in my head I thought I was sitting up straight…
And yes, that’s a zebra Snuggie on a zebra chair.

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