Pregnancy Blog – Week 30

Lord Almighty, I was a maniac this week.  All of a sudden the famed third-trimester ‘nesting instinct’ kicked in on overdrive for me and I was all over the city gathering things to put together bedrooms and nurseries.  I think this mania was enhanced by the fact that I am using my brother’s car while he is on a mission trip, thus increasing the ticking clock syndrome I’m already feeling by my only EIGHT remaining weeks of pregnancy.

In order to get the nursery ready, there is quite a bit of furniture shuffling that needs to take place.  A dresser from our room needs to go to Shep’s room so that the changing table can go to the nursery.  However the dresser from our room can’t move until the dresser that I bought six months ago with the intention of refinishing gets it’s refinishing completed by my husband.   Paint fumes make me dizzy enough when I’m not pregnant (more on the dresser makeover soon!).  We need to get the original mini-crib that we bought for Shep when he was born (and lived in our closet!) out of my parents’ house and convert it into his twin bed.  On and on, you get the idea.  Since as I just mentioned, Shepherd lived in the closet of our 700 square foot apartment when he was born, I have never gotten to decorate a room for him.  Once we moved into this house, I just threw stuff in his room and didn’t worry about it.  I never even felt a major nesting urge when I was pregnant with him.  Now however, with this nesting kicking in, it’s like I’m getting it double to make up for last time.  I think it’s scaring Jake.  Really Jake has spent a lot of time scared this pregnancy bless him…

I have been all over the place, as evidenced by this picture I took yesterday (don’t worry, I bought more stuff today!).

Most notably, I went to four different Michael’s stores trying to find letters to spell baby’s name on the wall above his crib.  Yes, that’s right – his NAME!  I told you I was a maniac this week.  Everything started falling into place finally.  Someone sing hallelujah cause I was beginning to think it was never going to happen!  So do you want to know what it is?  Ok!  Baby number two’s name is…….




Rhett Worley Dreyer

Rhett is one of those names that gets different meanings everywhere you look, but the common meanings are “Enthusastic” and “Advice or Counsel.”

Worley is my maiden name, which we chose for the heritage of strong Christian faith that comes from my family.

We’re so excited to finally figure out his name and pray into his personality and who God is calling him to be.  It’s such a big deal to be responsible for naming a human being I think.  I believe that names are so important, which I think is why it was so hard for me to commit to a name this time.  I knew all along that when I heard it or read it I would just know, and I did!  I was scrolling through the names on the Social Security website’s top 1000 baby names of 2009, and got down into the 600s where the names started becoming more interesting and there it was!  Jake loved it, we loved the meanings and we loved how manly and southern it is and how it fit in with the name Shepherd William Dreyer.  It still took me about 48 hours to fully commit to it, but after that I just knew in my heart that this baby was Rhett.  I do realize that people associate the name Rhett with Gone With the Wind, (which I won’t lie is one of my favorite books of all time) but rest assured, we are not naming our child for my love of that book, but for the love and meanings of the name itself.  Although, if my son has to be associated with a fictional character, at least he’ll be associated with a sexy one, can I get an amen?

Here’s a self portrait of me and Rhett, who is definitely starting to weigh his mamma down –


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  1. Love the name! So glad you “just knew”. Claiming that for myself!!

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