Pregnancy Blog – Week 31

Last night as we were watching the premiere The Biggest Loser Couples, I told Jake that I feel like I move and walk like the contestants.

Yes, we came home from our birthday date and finished my birthday off by watching The Biggest Loser. We’re just cool like that alright? It has been a great week, and yesterday was a great birthday. It started out with breakfast in bed, so how could it not be a great birthday? I curled and teased my hair, went out to lunch, got a pedicure and went out with Jake to the Cheesecake Factory that night. And then of course came home and watched The Biggest Loser.

I want to take a moment to talk about my pedicure experience. First of all, I am in LOVE with pedicures. Second of all I hardly ever get pedicures because I just have a hard time justifying the expense at this time of my life. So when I do get the chance, it’s always beautiful. This time however, it was more than beautiful, it was orgasmic. Yes, I said orgasmic. Maybe it’s because it had been so long since I did something for myself by myself, maybe it was because the massage chair was amazing, maybe it was because I’m pregnant, who knows? But I’m telling you, I felt like I died and went to heaven. I just laid there in the chair letting it knead out my back muscles while the she wrapped hot towels around my legs and feet and massaged all kinds of lotions and potions and scrubs into them. I don’t know what it is about the experience but it’s so healing and refreshing!

So not only am I having a wonderful pedicure experience, which would’ve been enough but then after about 30 minutes, in walks this woman’s husband who was in his late 50’s. Sweet, he’s bringing her coffee. Aw look he’s going to sit in the chair next to her while she gets her pedicure. Wow, they’re greeting him by name… He’s taking off his shoes… This man was joining his wife for a couple’s pedicure!

This really sent me over the edge of happiness. I took this picture and immediately sent it to Jake saying, “Can this please be us someday?!” He said that it could. I love my husband.

I’m trying to remember the rest of my week, but at this moment I really can’t remember what happened this week. Pregnancy does that to you. I remember in my very first appointment at the doctor when I was pregnant with Shep she told me that my memory would go to pot. At the time I thought that was an interesting way to put it, but boy how true that is! Not only has my memory gone to pot, but apparently so has my vision. I seriously cannot see things that are right in front of my face. I don’t mean that in the blurriness kinda way (although there’s that too!) but in the, I’m looking for something and I’m staring right at it but I don’t see it kinda way. Jake just doesn’t even ask me to find things anymore because he knows that I just won’t. Rhett has started making movements that hurt, like holding poses that further stretch my already tight round belly in in awkward direction for extended periods of time while simultaneously grinding his head into my bladder. This causes me to grunt and grown like an old lady for no discernible reason to an outside observer.

So I suppose to sum up this week of pregnancy, I feel like a cross between an old lady and a fresh contestant on The Biggest Loser, I can’t remember anything, and I can’t see things that are right in front of my face. But my toes look fantastic!!

Oh! I just remembered something that happened this week – I had another sonogram! This is an iPhone picture of the sonogram picture so it’s a bit fuzzy –

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