Bedroom Before and After!!

This is going to be a long post so get ready!  About June of last year I decided that I was ready for a change in our bedroom.  When we got married, I registered for this really romantic red and gold silk bedding that I loved, but I guess I’m just the kind of person that needs a change every few years.  Not to mention that our original duvet and the Euro shams and boudoir pillow were all dry-clean only which isn’t very child-friendly.  This was a gradual change that has been happening over a period of at least six months.  It really kicked off in July when I bought this fabulous old dresser at a garage sale and decided to rehab it.  I’m SO thrilled with how it turned out!!  I still want to add some more changes to the room like hanging photos on the walls because hello – I’m a pregnant and I’m a woman, so why would I be satisfied?  Since we’re renting, we don’t really want to commit to painting right now since it’s such a tall big room.  But I’m very excited about how cheerful and happy it has turned out so far.  Nothing that I bought or changed about our room cost more than $60 so this is a major design on a dime makeover.

Here is the bed before.  Beautiful bedding, but very formal and not really working in the space or with that bed frame.  We needed something more casual and airy.

And here is the bed after.  Funny story, when I went to go get spray paint for the bed frame, I really truly thought it would only take one can.  Can you tell I’m new at this?  About five trips to Home Depot later, voila!

The white ruffly throw on top of the comforter, Euro sham cases and throw pillows are all from Ikea.  The red throw is by Nautica from Bed Bath and Beyond.

And now the dresser!  This is my very first furniture rehab and I’m SO excited about it!  Everything else we own really is from Ikea, so this is my first piece of original furniture.  I bought it at a garage sale for $25 in July (right after I found out I was pregnant) and it has taken quite a while to come all the way around…  Here is what it looked like when we brought it home –

First I decided that I needed to sand it down so we moved it to the garage.  After a few sanding attempts and several months I decided, “Sanding Schmanding!  Who needs to sand?  Sanding is so overrated!!”  As I started getting bigger and bigger with my pregnancy and realized that painting was going to be a bad idea for me, I begged my husband to finish the project for me for Christmas.  I was SO excited when he borrowed a friend’s paint sprayer and got it primed –

And then the day finally came when he and our friend Randy painted it Hazard Yellow.  I was jumping up and down with delight!  We had to let it dry in the garage for about a week since it was so cold outside and I didn’t want it getting messed up, but it FINALLY came back into our room.  I plan on hanging large framed photos of our two boys on the wall above the dresser eventually.

I bought these cute little knobs from Anthropologie –

I’m so in love with all of it’s details and whimsical curves!!  I lined the drawers with wrapping paper that I bought at Target and secured it with double stick tape in case I change my mind.  I got this idea from my super creative friend Lyndsay .  At first I tried to adhere the paper using starch because I SWEAR I heard Kim Myles on HGTV say you could use starch to apply wallpaper to spaces where you didn’t want it to be permanent.  Well I must’ve forgotten a step because once it was dry, not only was it not permanent, but the paper was not adhered to the drawers in any way shape or fashion…

All in all I’d estimate that the entire dresser project cost me about $60, and now I have a beautiful one of kind piece that I’m totally in love with!  I will definitely be doing this again!



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6 responses to “Bedroom Before and After!!

  1. Ok cutest thing ever!! Love all of it! I discovered my love of painting old furniture this summer. Ah its so awesome what you can do! Awesome, awesome job!

  2. Randy Griffin

    Great job Beth! Glad I could help!

  3. beth!!!!!! i am IN LOVE with your bedroom makeover. the colors are so fun and bright, and make me want to hang out in your bedroom…is that weird?! so inspired by this. 🙂

  4. ps-i never get enough spray paint either-haha!

  5. LOVE it!! You did great!! I am going to do our bedroom a little different when we move and I think a trip to IKEA is in order!

    I am so impressed with your colors and how it all goes together!

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