Pregnancy Blog – Week 33

You know, I don’t understand those women who say they ‘just loooooved’ being pregnant.  I mean that seriously.  I’m on my second easy pregnancy, but let’s be honest the phrase ‘easy pregnancy’ is kinda an oximoron.

It’s not easy riding an even larger roller coaster of emotions and mood swings than you normally do.  I don’t enjoy the feeling of evil scary Beth raring her ugly head when my husband makes the unforgivable mistake of forgetting to take out the trash.  It’s not easy getting stretch marks.  It’s not easy walking around with your own planet strapped to the front of you.  I wouldn’t call it ‘fun’ when Rhett decides to stretch out his little limbs straight into my already stretched out abdominal wall.  It’s not a picnic to have to run to the bathroom every five minutes.  I do recognize how much less of a hassle it is in some ways to have at least one of your children unable to cry, move, poop, or run away from you because they’re still inside of you, but really it’s not just what I would call fun.  A huge wonderful blessing yes, but fun? Eh?

Today I have already run almost the full gamut of my emotions.  This morning I was totally sad and crying my eyes out in the shower, then I felt drained and spent like maybe I should just go back to bed, then we went outside and I started to feel better.  And after a while I started feeling so much better (emotionally and physically) that Shep and I went for a walk over to Big Lots!  Take that pregnancy!

Last night I was trying to remember what has happening at this time in my pregnancy with Shepherd so I opened up my old pregnancy blogs.  Those posts are so funny because everything about pregnancy and becoming a parent was so new and scary and unexpected to me!  I was constantly shocked and wrote out of my shocked emotional sassiness and it was pretty funny.  This time I’m like, “Another human being inside of me?  Been there.  Stretch marks?  Got em!  Gaining weight?  Done that.  Granny panties?  I’ll take two please.  Giving birth?  Went through the whole process – naturally – and THEN had a c-section.  Breastfeeding?  Old pro.”  It was my post on the breastfeeding class that Jake and I took that had me laughing last night.  You really should go read it, I think it was week 33 or something like that.

It does still strike me sometimes that I’m 25 years old and stopping women in the mall not to ask them about their hair cut or their handbag but about their double stroller.  I’m 25 but I have to remember that even though it might be a roomful of girls, not everyone wants to talk about epsiotomies, hemerroids or other side effects of giving birth.  I’m a 25 year old Dallas girl, but since I’m currently without vehicle I would even be thrilled to drive the once scorned minivan!  But don’t worry, I’m buying mom jeans or getting a mom haircut.  Twenty five or fiftfy five, some things will never change =)



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Blog – Week 33

  1. Laurie

    your belly is so cute. Just FYI if you really want several other mamas to talk to about all the pregancy stuff. is GREAT.

  2. Sharlie

    You are so fabulous! 🙂 I promise I won’t judge you if you do get that mini-van one day! Ha ha!

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