Chrissy & Shelly

I had SO much fun with these girls on Saturday!  They were over at my house all day for my “For Ladies Only” boudoir event and we had a blast.  Now I’m not actually going to show you their boudoir photos because this is a family friendly blog.  Those photos are for their husbands!  But I will show you a couple of portraits of each of them and talk about the fun that we had =)

For me it was a great experience because with the help of my fabulous Ashley Shuck who did hair, makeup and styling, I got to spend my day making two women feel beautiful and sexy!  I feel honored to be able to do that for my fellow woman.  I know that God sees us as perfect and beautiful just the way we are, and 90% of the time we don’t really feel that way.  So if I could help two women get in touch with their own internal and external beauty I consider it a privilege!  Not to mention I got to make some new friends and have Girl-Fest 2010 at my house all day!  We had girly movies, playing, chocolate to eat, Oreos that Shelly brought as a joke (and I definitely consumed…), ridiculously fun music playing and the whole house to ourselves – it was great!

Here are a couple of photos and some of the things Chrissy & Shelly had to say –

“I had so much fun and I have been telling ALLLL my friends about you and how awesome you were to work with! Thank you for such a wonderful experience and I can’t wait to do it again” – Chrissy Mulligan

“I had a blast with you Beth!  It was so much fun, I already want to do it again!” – Shelly White


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