Today I’m a grouchy tired preggie because I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in a couple of nights, so I thought I’d talk about something that makes me happy.  Maybe it will lift both of our spirits.  When I lived in Colorado Springs and I was having a bad day, I used to drive an hour up to Denver just to walk into Anthropologie and be greeted by the beautiful smell of the Aloha Orchid candle and gloriously unique store decor.  Just walking into the store would relax me and make me feel better!  So hopefully writing about it will have a similar effect =)

I think that Anthropolgie is one of the most amazing stores in existence today.  I don’t think I have ever heard of a woman who doesn’t gush about that store.  This place truly doesn’t have age or style boundaries like most stores do.  Even the financial boundaries aren’t always a big deal.  Yes, the clothes in Anthropologie are expensive, but they always go on sale, and even if you can’t afford the clothes, there are always candles or plates or note cards on sale for $7.95.

I personally love the photography and styling in their catalogs and always enjoy getting them in the mail.  But most of the time when someone steps out of their house wearing something from Anthropologie, they don’t necessarily look like the catalog.  The pieces that they carry are so unique and so open to interpretation that they have the ability to appeal to a very broad range of women.  For instance, my mom and I can both shop here and both come out looking age appropriate and true to our own distinct styles, which is rarely the case anywhere else.  This store appeals to girls whose styles are wildly eclectic and eccentric, as well as women who like sweaters and pearls.  Sixteen year olds, sixty year olds, and everyone in between can find all kinds of unique loveliness in this store.  I don’t know about you, but I sure would like to know how they do it!

Generally speaking it’s not considered a good business idea to try to appeal to everyone.  Or if you are trying to appeal to everyone, you are generally going to end up with a Wal-Mart versus Neiman Marcus kind of business.  But by being true to their distinct style and not compromising what makes them unique, Anthropologie has somehow managed to attract almost everyone.  Amazing!

This is a reminder to me that in the long run, more people are going to be attracted to me as a person and to my business if I remain true to who I really am rather than to what I think someone wants me to be.



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2 responses to “Anthropologie

  1. O yes…one more reason that I like you 🙂 I LOVE Anthro, it is my favorit-est place ever! I wish there was one closer to me 😛

  2. hannah

    oh i love it too! everything about it is charming and beautiful.

    you have fabulous taste!

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