Pregnancy Blog – Week 35

Ya know, I try to keep it real while being positive in my blogs.  I hate it when women insist on telling their horror stories about pregnancy, labor and delivery to poor unsuspecting newly preggies or women who don’t have kids, and I try to avoid making pregnancy sound bad.  But I can’t lie to you either.  There just are not a whole lot of nice things about being this pregnant.

I finally seem to have reached what I thought was an unattainable state for me.  Remember how I was eating like a linebacker last week?  Alas – not anymore!  Last night Shep and I shared a bowl at Chipotle and it didn’t get finished.

~pause for moment of silence~

Not only did it not get finished, but I felt miserably full for the rest of the night (not that this stopped me from having ice cream…).  This morning I decided at 9:30 that Shep and I needed some cookies – because clearly there is no better start to a Friday than cookies at 9:30 am on a Friday morning.  After they were made and I had a few at about 11:30, I got so full and uncomfortable that I haven’t been able to think about eating since!  And it’s after 3:00!  I’m really pretty sad about it!  I like to eat!  It’s not fun to look at something and think about how yummy it would be but not have any room for it!


It’s probably for the better.

It has now become imperative that I sleep with one regular pillow, one body pillow, one Euro-sized pillow, and two throw pillows in order to achieve anything closely resembling comfort.  This leaves Jake with approximately four inches of bed.  Last night he told me that if I needed the whole bed to just let him know and he’d go sleep on the couch.  What a man!  I haven’t taken him up on it yet, but the time may soon come…

What really sounds amazing to me right now is standing shoulder deep in a warm indoor swimming pool.  Well I mean what really sounds good is standing shoulder deep in an infinity pool over looking the ocean with an 80 degree sun shining on me.  But since that won’t be happening any time soon, I’ll go with the warm indoor swimming pool.  The weightlessness that water immersion gives is really tantalizing right now.  I feel soooo weighed down.  I haven’t figured out where I can do this since most indoor pools are used for swimming laps and not for pregnant women to just weightlessly exist.

That’s about all I have to say for now and it’s my nap time, so I’ll just leave you with some fuzzy but nonetheless cute pictures from bedtime preparations the other night.

Don’t even start with the, “You don’t even look pregnant in this picture.”  Let me assure you it’s just the angle.  I look like a whale.


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