Pregnancy Blog – Week 36

I have a confession to make.

I peed in the baby pool.

On Wednesday morning, Shep and I had made plans to go to a local indoor pool with a friend.  It was a brilliant idea.  I thought.  When I was pregnant with Shepherd, I used to go home during my lunch break, make a sandwich and eat in the pool because it felt so good to be weightless.

We loaded up in Terry’s car (which is always a bit of a chore lugging a car seat into someone else’s car) and headed over to the pool.  Once we got inside and Shep could see the big pool with it’s slides he was beside himself excited.  I’m talking running around the lobby screaming and pointing.  We walked up to the front desk to check in and the lady behind the desk told us that sorry, but kids weren’t allowed in the pool until 2 pm.  It was 11:45.  We both looked at her like, ‘are you really going to disappoint a two year old like that?’  There was NO ONE in the pool and a lifeguard just sitting there.  Yes, yes she was going to be that person that disappointed a two year old.

I looked up some other indoor pools and called them only to discover that they all had the same or similar hours for kids.  So we dragged poor little Shep away with the promise of ice cream and went back to Terry’s house.  Getting him into his car seat was killing my back because I was bending over and trying to restrain him as he threw a fit because he wasn’t getting to swim.

After waiting our alloted time at Terry’s house, watching Thomas and getting something to eat, we headed back to the pool.  It did feel pretty good to be submerged, but Shep was clinging to me and wouldn’t really let Terry hold him so I didn’t fully get to relax and stretch out.  Shep was having fun, but the pool temperature was just a little shy of warm enough for him so his little lips were quivering.

I took him to the baby pool which had a slide and tried to get comfortable.  As I’m trying to find a comfortable way to sit in one foot of water, I look over and see that expression coming across Shep’s face which plainly says, “I’m pooping.”  Great.  Fortunately I had brought another swim diaper.  Bending over to change his diaper on the little bench next to the pool  was KILLING my back.  Killing.  I just wanted to get back in the water and submerge myself!!

We finally got back in and I managed to get him to let Terry hold him while I got a few minutes of unencumbered weightlessness before Shep decided he wanted to go back to the baby pool.  Again I tried to get comfortable while Shep gleefully went up and down the slide.  Let me just give you a mental picture.  I don’t own a maternity bathingsuit, so I’m totally rocking a two piece my whole entire baby belly out for all the world and the lifeguards to see.  I’m sitting in one foot of water like a beached whale propping myself up with my arms (which are starting to fall asleep) behind me.  It took so much effort to get in and out of this position that when I realized I had to pee I knew getting up and dragging myself over to the bathroom wasn’t going to happen.  I started rationalizing it in my head.

“It’s the baby pool, it’s probably full of pee!”

“I take baths with a not potty-trained two year old.  I sit in warm pee water all the time”

“Who is really going to blame a poor pregnant woman for not wanting to get up and walk over to the air conditioned bathroom?”

I casually scooted myself over to the side of the slide which would make me ever so slightly less visible to the moody lifeguard.  I smiled at Shep and then it happened.  I peed in the baby pool.  I then discreetly relocated myself a few feet away trying to make it look like I was wanting to be closer to Shep.  And I didn’t feel guilty.

When we got home Shep didn’t want to take a nap but I completely crashed.  I could hear him walking around the house but I couldn’t move my body to get up and do anything about it.  Fortunately Jake was home soon after and when I woke up we went out for dinner.  So there you have it.  I unashamedly peed in the baby pool.  I hope we can still be friends.

Here is a blurry iPhone picture of us at the pool –



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2 responses to “Pregnancy Blog – Week 36

  1. lol! oh my goodness you made me laugh so hard! thanks for that! btw you are rockin that bikini!

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