My Valentine

Next month Jake and I will have been married for four years!  That’s a long time!  It’s like we’ve officially left the newlywed realm.  Four years means that no longer are we looked at with that, “Oh those kids, how cute are they?”  No sir.  Four years and two kids later, we are officially adults.  Scary.  I haven’t looked at our engagement photos for a while but I thought I’d pull them out for Valentine’s Day and make a slideshow with a song Jake and I have been liking lately.  Don’t we look younger?!  I’ve been married so long that I look back at pictures of us and say, “Don’t we look young!”  How wild is that?  I’m so glad that I found the most wonderful man to have babies and grow old with.  And doubly glad that we don’t like the same Girl Scout cookies so neither one of us has to share.  Click the image below to see the slideshow.

Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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