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Well since I’m getting to the point in pregnancy where people pick up my phone calls sounding panicked saying, “Are you in labor? do I need to come get you??” I’m obviously not out shooting a bunch of sessions!  So I don’t have fresh photos to share with you, but today I thought I’d share some blogs that I love to curl up (figuratively – I can’t really curl right now…) in a chair and scroll through at leisure.

The first two are fun blogs that inspire me to get out and try things like painting a dresser!  The first is Design Sponge, and I looooooove to click over to their ‘Before and After’ page and see all the amazing things that people submit.

I submitted my yellow dresser makeover to them but I think she felt like she’d had a few yellow dressers in recent history.

This next blog – Centsational Girl – I found by scrolling through entries on Design Sponge.  Once I got onto her blog I spent the entire afternoon looking through all of her before and afters, and diy posts.  This woman is amazing!

These are from the original before and after I found on Design Sponge that made me want to check out her blog in the first place.  Fabulous?  I think so –

Next up is the blog of photographer Elizabeth Messina.  I just love scrolling through this site, it’s such an experience!  Her photography has such a mysterious element to it that I find fascinating.  Her whole style is just unique, intentional and poetic and I adore it –

Next up is a blog that I found recently started by two photographers who want to help people with nice cameras learn how to use those cameras in more than an automatic capacity.  It’s called Beyond Snapshots, and I think that anyone who is new to DSLRs would find it very informative!  The next time someone asks me for advice on getting into basic photography I’m going to send them to this blog.


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